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your personal injury support and survival handbook to recovery
Injured people
If you have been injured and are struggling to come to terms with the injuries, symptoms, the difficulties and the general aftermaths of an accident, this is essential reading for you.
It may be that you were injured in a road traffic accident, through clinical negligence, an accident at work or indeed due to another reason. Irrespective of how you sustained your injury, this book is going to help you get your life back on track.
If you are a lawyer, this would be an excellent read as it will give you actual insight into what a claimant goes through; the deeper feelings and distress that may not be conveyed in witness statements or face to face meetings.
For the lawyer, it will also highlight areas within their service that can perhaps be improved. The lawyer will have greater empathy with their clients and this should make for a more satisfied client; this can only be a good thing. A less distressed client will allow the lawyer to focus more so on the legal aspects of the case.
Other Professionals
This book would also be helpful to other professionals involved with the individual who has suffered personal injury and may be involved in personal injury litigation.
Family, friends and everyone!
Family and friends and essentially any individual who would would want to be better prepared for adversity should it strike would find this book beneficial too.
This book is about preparation, survival, insight, and ultimately emerging a a stronger, more enriched version of you.
About the author
this is the book I wish existed for me when I was going through the aftermath of a serious road traffic accident
In 2006 Dr Shah Begum a young dental surgeon was on her way to work when, without warning, a 13 tonne truck drove into the back of her stationary two seater soft top convertible sport car. The split second action of this careless driver was to impact her life forever. Overnight a successful, happy and meaningful life was shattered.
Before the accident, Shah was a total workaholic, running a successful dental practice with ambitious plans to expand further. As well as being committed to her career, Shah was committed to having fun and getting the most out of life. Shah enjoyed salsa dancing, meeting up with family and friends, keeping fit and socialising.
The picture after the accident could not have been more different. Bedridden, in agony, unable to even turn in bed, Shah’s work suffered and her income went from a six figure sum to nil. She lost many of the hobbies and interests she once enjoyed and she became a shadow of her former self.
Shah suffered a whole host of injuries including a spinal nerve injury, a severe whiplash soft tissue injury, chronic pain, tinnitus, three slipped discs in her neck, hearing loss, headaches, paresthesia down the right side of the body and cognitive difficulties.
In the years that followed, Shah’s life consisted of numerous hospital appointments, chiropractic appointments, physiotherapy appointments, attendance at pain management programmes, deep tissue massages and psychotherapy sessions, a world previously alien to her.
As if coming to terms with the injuries and the devastating impact of these injuries on her life was not enough, Shah then had to face being followed by a private investigator on numerous occasions, being placed under video surveillance and having untrue and unfair comments written about her in defendant medico-legal reports - all aspects of the personal injury litigation process.
Shah found there was nothing out there to help her come to terms with her injuries, the losses and changes that had occurred to her life, the distressing aspects of litigation and no comprehensive help to rebuild her life.
The pain management programmes and counselling sessions she was sent on were of limited benefit to her and in some instances left her feeling worse.
It meant Shah had to learn for herself, the skills, the lessons and the mindset to survive and put the pieces of her life back together. This she has very successfully done and today, despite chronic pain, lives a life of greater balance, happiness and contentment than that before the accident.
Shah is acutely aware the picture could have been very different. This is why she is now dedicated to helping others who are now in the position she was once and to spare each person as much of the suffering she endured. This is the book she wished existed for her.
“Reclaiming Your Life After Personal Injury” will support you through your ordeal and provide you with the instructions, skills and mindset needed to survive personal injury litigation, come to terms with your injuries however severe they may be and to rebuild a happier, more focused and meaningful life.
Book testimonials
here are just some of the testimonials
This book is really excellent, and gives good insight into the injury and rehabilitation process, as well as enlightening the reader about some of the pitfalls of the litigation process. I recommended it to those who have suffered serious injury.
Bill Braithwaite QC
Head of Exchange Chambers ' of the leading catastrophic injury lawyers in the country'
- Chambers Directory
This book really helped me, I felt so alone, lost, and on the verge of a breakdown when I was recommended this book. It made me realise I was not alone, that I still had a lot to offer and that just because I could no longer do some things because of my injuries, there was a whole lot more that I still could do.
Mrs May
I would not hold back from recommending this book to anyone who is struggling to make sense of their life after being injured. My life was a mess. This one book has helped me more than the eleven counselling sessions I have so far been sent on. Brilliant value for money, you need to get this book!
Mr Howe
Before reading this book, I would stay in bed until at least mid day, had no structure to my day and felt overwhelmed by everything. This book has made me make peace with my demons, let go of anger and has set me free. I found the "Rebuilding Your Life" and "Kick Chronic Pain Off The Pedestal!" especially helpful.
Mr Davis
Wow, this booking is truly inspirational! This book is a must read for anyone who wants to delve into a true account of ultimate triumph over adversity. Beautifully written and easy to read, Dr Begum has produced a masterpiece here.
Miss Moore
This book should be universally offered to all seriously injured clients at the earliest opportunity. I would go a step further to say every personal injury lawyer and clinical negligence lawyer should also read this book. Dr Begum first hand account of being involved in a road traffic accident involving a truck and the aftermaths of this accident is both compelling and an eye opener.
It has provided me with unique insight into just how disturbing aspects of the claim process such as video surveillance can be. I will be adjusting the way I handle my injured clients as direct result of reading Dr Begum's account.
Mr Allen
Personal Injury solicitor, Birmingham - based law firm
This book kept me enthralled over a two-part rail journey. A book that can inspire everyone to make a positive change to their lives no matter their journey so far and improve their life for the better.
Mr Murray
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